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The BEST Smartphones of 2022
Best 100 Reasons and Benefits to Use
The BEST Smartphones of 2022
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The BEST Smartphones of 2022! Mrwhosetheboss

Future Smartphones – Year 2020 and Beyond Tech Best
We take a look at what new smartphones of the future might look like, the best upcoming technology we may see in 2020 and beyond.
TOP 6 Best Foldable Phones You Can Buy Right Now In 2020 BEST REVIEWS
Top 5 Best Flexible Phones Tech Best

What is the best smartphone for reading e-books?
Neale Paterson, works at Libraries and Librarianship
I would recommend any larger screen phone that suits you. I find 5.5″ to be a good size, but if you are prepared to go larger you will certainly reap the benefits. I have just started using a 6.44″ Xiaomi Mi Max (international ROM) and it is a stunning ereader – as well as being surprisingly easy to handle. Read all at:
The 6 Best Smartphones For Reading E-Books
Reading on a Kindle is a wonderful experience because it’s thin, has great battery life, and there’s no light coming out of the device to strain your eyes. But, if you’re looking for an all-in-one device to get some light reading done, smartphones with big high-resolution screens aren’t a bad option. Read more at:
E-Book Reader with Smartphone
If you love books and comics, but don’t want to purchase an eReader, use your phone. Download the Amazon Kindle app on iOS or Android, and sync up your purchases, Prime Reading, or even free e-books. On iOS, you’ll have to purchase e-books on the Amazon website first (since Amazon doesn’t want to give Apple a 30 percent cut of in-app book purchases), but when you log into the iOS app and refresh, your books will be there. Or read via Apple Books.

Comics fans, meanwhile, can tap into Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, or DC Universe; here are some of our favorite digital comic books. Read all:


What are the most popular reasons why people use their smartphones every day?

Smartphones most used for

1+ Texting 2+ Email 3+ Personal Use ( Calendar, Writing Notes ) 4+ Checking the News 5+ Cameras 6+ Watching Youtube 7+ Social Media ( Facebook, Tweeter, WhatsApp, Skype ) 8+ Financial Banking Plus 9+ Online Shopping 10+ Reading Ebooks 11+ Surfing Internet Sites 12+ Sport 13+ Gaming 14+ Health info and Monitoring 15+ Checking the Weather 16+ Recording 17+ Checking their Smartphone 10 to 100 + times a day 18+ Access to Libraries info

19+ Writing to do list 20+ writing general 21+ creating artistic works 22+ Asking Questions 23+


50 Reasons It’s Time For Smartphones In Every Classroom › The Future Of Learning

2020 – There are many ways to use a smartphone in the classroom, but it continues to be a … Students can create their own IT department or tech support teams. 17. … Even a disconnected smartphone is 100xs more useful than a calculator … YouTube is the most popular and diverse media channel on the planet.


Best to read to get the update at information age, with 4 billion smartphone users
67+ Revealing Smartphone Statistics for 2020 by Deyan G.

Read all:

51+ Scary Smartphone Addiction Statistics for 2020 by Deyan G.

The best Android phones (July 2020)
One of the great things about the Android market is the diversity of features, prices, and even software. There are a ton of Android phones out there, but what’s the best available in 2020 so far?
Best cheap Android phonesBest Android watches | Best 5G phones
by :
Best smartphone deals for July 2020: iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel
by :
The Best SmartPhones for 2020 by PC Magazine
Amazon Best Sellers: Best Cell Phones – › zgbs › wireless

Best Sellers in Cell Phones. #1. Moto G Power | 3-Day Battery1 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 4/64GB | 16MP Camera |… Apple iPhone 7, 32GB, Black – Fully Unlocked (Renewed) BLU Studio Mini -5.5HD Smartphone, 32GB+2GB Ram -Black. Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Space Gray – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Unlocked Cell Phones › zgbs › wireless

Best Sellers in Cell Phones. #1 Google Pixel 4a – New Unlocked Android Smartphone – 128 GB of Storage $349.99 – $699 Unlocked

Apple's iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone in Q1 2020, iPhone 11  series accounted for 10% of the global smartphone markets

The global top 10 smartphones in Q1 2020 with shipment volume:

  1. iPhone 11 – 18 million
  2. Redmi Note 8/8T – 8 million
  3. Galaxy A51 – 6 million
  4. Galaxy A10s – 5 million
  5. Redmi Note 8 Pro – 5 million
  6. iPhone 11 Pro Max – 4 million
  7. Galaxy A20s – 4 million
  8. Galaxy 01 – More than 3 million
  9. Redmi 8A – 3 million
  10. iPhone 11 Pro – 3 million

Best phone in 2020: The top smartphones rated
These are the best phones for every budget based on our testing by:

Best 100 eBooks, Books, all about Smartphone


Top 10 World Best Smartphones Of 2020 | Most Popular Flagship Android Phones Gadget 4 Deals
Here are our picks for the top 10 best Smartphones you can buy right now in 2020.
Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year). Mrwhosetheboss
You’ve heard about the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40 Pro, OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro, but which 2020 smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 13 smartphones for 2020!
Top 10 World Best Smartphone June 2020 Tech ET
Top 10 World Best Smartphone to Buy in 2020 . Smartphones are the users’ multi utility equipment. The entire activities now totally depends on its uses. Features like selfie shots with bokeh effect, operating process, RAM, memory sizes etc have always been a matter of discussion while purchasing any phone.
I bought every Galaxy Note ever. Mrwhosetheboss With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.

Full battery life test comparison, Battery Life DRAIN Test. iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra / Huawei / Xiaomi / OnePlus Battery Life DRAIN Test.
iPhone 12 Pro Max full battery life test comparison vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro!

30 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS Mrwhosetheboss
Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android (and iOS) Phone. They also work on the new Android 9 Pie, and upcoming Android 10, and can help you better customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.
20 Android Apps for 2020 Mrwhosetheboss
Top 20 Best Android Apps for December 2019 / January 2020. Must have apps for Android that have really surprised me. For more Android App / Android Customisation Videos:
Top 10 Best Smartphones Under $200 To Buy in 2020 Gadget 4 Deals


E Ink vs. LCD: Which Screen is Best For Reading?


There are two big choices when it comes to reading eBooks. You can go with either a dedicated eReader, like a Kindle Paperwhite, or a tablet with an LCD screen, like an iPad — but which is best?
The big difference between the two classes of device — eReader and tablet — is the type of screen they have. eReaders have E Ink screens, while tablets have LCD screens. This makes all the difference.
Read more at:

What’s the best e-reader app to use on a smartphone?
Read all at:
Amazon Kindle for phones:
Barnes & Noble Nook app :
Google Books:
Apple iBooks: 

How Smartphones Work
by :
Isn’t it great when science fiction becomes science fact? If you’re a little older, you probably wanted a communication device just like the one Captain Kirk used in the TV series “Star Trek” when you were growing up. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise could talk over vast distances with these personal communication devices. Without the “communicator, the order to “beam us up, Mr. Scott” would have fallen on deaf ears, and we all know what would have happened to Kirk if he didn’t have any bars on his device.
Now that we’re well into the 21st century, our “communicators” make the ones on “Star Trek” seem like antiques. Not only can we talk to one another on our smartphones, but we can text, play music or a game, get directions, take pictures, check e-mail, find a great restaurant, surf the Internet, watch a movie. You get the idea. Smartphones are cell phones on steroids. Why is that?

Unlike traditional cell phones, smartphones, with their big old memories, allow individual users like you and me to install, configure and run applications, or apps, of our choosing. A smartphone offers the ability to configure the device to your particular way of doing things. The software in the old-style flip phones offers only limited choices for reconfiguration, forcing you to adapt to the way they are set up. On a standard phone, whether or not you like the built-in calendar application, you’re stuck with it except for a few minor tweaks. But if that phone were a smartphone, you could install any compatible calendar application you liked.

Here’s a list of some of the additional capabilities smartphones have, from intuitive to perhaps less so:

  • Manage your personal info including notes, calendar and to-do lists
  • Communicate with laptop or desktop computers
  • Sync data with applications like Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s iCal calendar programs
  • Host applications such as word processing programs or video games
  • Scan a receipt
  • Cash a check
  • Replace your wallet. A smartphone can store credit card information and discount or membership card info
  • Pay bills by downloading apps such as PayPal and CardStar
  • Allow you to create a WiFi network that multiple devices can use simultaneously. That means you can access the Internet from your iPad or laptop without a router or another peripheral device.
    Read all at:
white robot toy holding black tablet
How to clean your smartphone safely – 2020 BBC News While you may want to clean your smartphone, some substances can damage the device. Dr Lena Ciric, a microbiologist from University College London, says you can effectively clean your phone using just household soap and water.


Can a Cheap 2020 Smartphone beat a 2018 Flagship? Mrwhosetheboss
Before the wave of upcoming Flagship Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 12 Pro, Pixel 5, ASUS ROG Phone 3, etc), let’s try to answer the age old question – Does a modern midrange phone, beat an older flagship phone?
$7 Smartphone vs $7,000 Smartphone Mrwhosetheboss
How bad can a smartphone be in 2020? How Good can a smartphone be in 2020? Let’s find out
Nomu S50 Pro – I CAN’T BREAK THIS PHONE! Mrwhosetheboss
Testing the Nomu S50 Pro – maybe the most rugged, durable Android Smartphone in 2018!
are smartphones getting weaker? Mrwhosetheboss
Welcome to a video where I break every single Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone…to find out whether smartphones are actually getting more durable. Check out Invisibleshield here:


The Most Futuristic Flexible Display Phone Unbox Therapy
The Nubia Alpha is one of the most futuristic devices ever featured on Unbox therapy. It’s available in bluetooth and eSim capable of functioning as a smartwatch or standalone phone. The key to the Nubia Alpha is a flexible OLED display that wraps around the wrist.
5 Best Smart Glasses of 2020 buy HowMuchTech
In this video I listed 5 Best Smart Glasses of 2020, You can check the price or purchase in the description below !
Top 5 Best Smart Glasses You can Buy 2020 | Futuristic Gadgets!! Geek Verified As mentioned, this video contains the list of Best Smart Glasses 2020? Smart Glasses to buy in 2020 Smartglasses are getting smarter and augmented reality specs are finally approaching prime time, and plenty of startups are getting into the space. It’s not just about dropping a camera on your face, either. AR, fitness tracking and mixed reality are all powering the next generation of smart eyewear. With new technology like VR, AR, bone conduction glasses looks better and as future gadgets.


Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World


Best Smartphone iPhone & Samsung using | Android VS IOS Free HD videos – no copyright
In this video, you can watch #smartphone #iphone #samsung This video is free to use you can use this video for your project or commercial purpose but you can’t sell this footage. You don’t need to ask for any permission to use this footage. Kindly give us credit and mention our channel link/Name & Don’t forget to share our videos because sharing is caring. stay tuned for more. Thank You.
What Was The First Smartphone? ColdFusion What was the first ever, all touch-screen smartphone? In this video, we’ll take a look at some little known history. The IBM Simon personal communicator really was well ahead of its time.
The Future of Smartphones! ColdFusion We’ve already seen the incredible pace of growth within the smartphone industry, but what will the smartphone be like in the future? Let’s check out the possibilities!


Why Are Bigger Phones Selling? ColdFusion
A video I’ve been kind of wanting to do for a while actually, the iPhone 6 made it just in time. Of course these reasons aren’t absolute, they are just my thoughts.. Enjoy!

Why iPhones Are Getting Bigger Apple Explained
If you were around to experience the early days of iPhone, you probably remember that each new model was expected to be thinner and lighter than the one before. A trend that was common with most handheld devices at the time, including the iPod and even gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS. But over the past eight years, things have changed. The size and weight of the iPhone isn’t as much of a concern to Apple as it used to be. In fact, the iPhone is now larger and heavier than it ever has been. So in this video we’re going to explore the reasons why making smartphones smaller and lighter is no longer a top priority for most manufacturers, and what that means for users.

Android vs iOS – Settling the Score. ColdFusion Part 2 of Android vs iOS, it covers phones only. I tried to cover as much content as I could without making the video too lengthy. Thanks for tuning in!
Android vs iOS – The History. ColdFusion Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. What is the history behind both of these operating systems, how did they get their start? Watch and learn in this video.

5 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphone! Today’s smartphones are not what they used to be even just a few years ago. Smartphones are the fastest growing industry in history but that’s not all.. Watch and learn these amazing facts about the devices in your pocket! Launcher/ App used in no. 1:… Hire me for video editing:

ColdFusion How BIG is YouTube?

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Smartphone From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Two smartphones: a Samsung Galaxy J5 (left) and an iPhone 6S (right)

Two smartphones: a Samsung Galaxy J5 (left) and an iPhone 6S (right)

Smart­phones are a class of mo­bile phones and of multi-pur­pose mo­bile com­put­ing de­vices. They are dis­tin­guished from fea­ture phones by their stronger hard­ware ca­pa­bil­i­ties and ex­ten­sive mo­bile op­er­at­ing sys­tems, which fa­cil­i­tate wider soft­warein­ter­net (in­clud­ing web brows­ing over mo­bile broad­band), and mul­ti­me­dia func­tion­al­ity (in­clud­ing music, video, cam­eras, and gam­ing), along­side core phone func­tions such as voice calls and text mes­sag­ing. Smart­phones typ­i­cally con­tain a num­ber of metal–oxide–semi­con­duc­tor (MOS) in­te­grated cir­cuit (IC) chips, in­clude var­i­ous sen­sors that can be lever­aged by their soft­ware, and sup­port wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­to­cols (such as Blue­toothWi-Fi, or satel­lite nav­i­ga­tion).

Continue reading the full article at Wikipedia


Solar Portable Charger For ebooks reading by Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops

Solar Power Bank 30000mAh, Solar Charger Wireless Portable Charger 18W with 5 Outputs & Type-c Input 4 Lighting Modes Super Bright Flashlight Waterproof Phone Charger for Camping Outdoor

  • 【18W Qi Wireless & 5 Output】Solar power bank Qi Wireless compatible with iPhone8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6、S6 edge、S6 edge+、S8、S8+、Note8、S9and all qi-enabled devices. Wireless charging can support 5W 7W 10W output. Output1:DC 9V2A quick charger, Output2/3/4:DC 5V3A and typc-c output&input port. Portable solar chargers, with quick charging and multiple output ports, are especially suitable for dealing with various emergencies, such as the lack of power at home.
  • 【30000mAh Solar Power Charger & Safe】Solar battery charger built in 30000mAh battery, it’s enough to charge an iPhone XS 11 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 10times, an iPad Pro for 3 times! The 30000mAh solar charger keeps your phone fully charged, even during hurricanes and unexpected power outages. It can automatically adjust the output to provide the appropriate current to ensure that your device is free from overcharge and short circuit. But the solar phone charger can’t be brought on the plane.
  • 【Solar Charging and Dual Input Ports】Solar charger power bank with micro input port and type-c input & output port(9V/3A quick charging input type c). Our solar charger’s input current can reach 9V/2A, which is twice faster than other solar phone charger. At the same time, it supports solar energy input. It is very suitable for outside activities such as camping, and other emergency use.
  • 【4 Practical Lighting Modes】Our solar power bank built-in two 1W flashlight spotlights, single lumen 150, range 40 meters, four lighting modes: ① strong light; ②dim light; ③warning light; ④ SOS mode. Portable solar charger can be used as night light in the dark. It is very suitable for outdoor fanatics, and other emergency situations.
  • 【Outdoor-specific Material】Solar power bank is made of durable materials, it has a very strong resistance to impact (1.2 meters drop) Test) is very suitable for outdoor use. The solar phone charger is equipped with a Carabiner, which you can hang on your bag while climbing the mountain and use the solar energy to charge the solar battery charger.

[Upgraded]BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger(5V/4.8A Max), Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger with SunPower Solar Panel Compatible with iPhone 11/Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/7, iPad, Samsung Galaxy LG etc. Price:$74.96

Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping.
Updated Triple USB Ports: 3 USB charging ports( Each is 5V/2.4A Max) with smart charging technology which can recognize your device smartly then providing optimal charging speed vary with different devices. The 3 USB ports can offer the total current at 5V/4.8A Max. CE/ FCC/ RoHS certificated, BigBlue ensure 100% safe charging with overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection.
Easy To Carry: With compact size (11.1 × 6.3× 1.3in folded) and lightweight (20.6 oz) design, BigBlue foldable solar charger panel bag is small and light enough to fit into any camping backpack, hiking daypack, or emergency kit. They’re also good for stashing in an emergency kit. The 3 USB ports allow you to charge multiple devices at once.
High Energy Conversion: Highly efficient SunPower panel convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy in enough sunlight. This special PET polymer surface protects it from occasional rain or wet Fog and all the ports are covered by a cloth flap and rubber cover to protect them from dust or water damage.
Wide Compatibility: Attached Micro USB cable for almost all 5V Android devices & some DSLRs, or Apple devices (needs extra original cable). Our solar phone charger can’t store the electricity, please unfold it in the outdoor direct sunlight, then connect it to your device. Note: our solar charger doesn’t fit the laptops and iPad Pro.
Package & Support: You will get BigBlue 28W Solar Phone Charger, 50cm Micro USB Cable, User Manual, 24-month Worry Free Card and friendly & Customer Service. Note: Any cloud cover arrives may influence the charging speed. We suggest you to replug the device and reopen the solar panels if the charging is too slow.
7 Best Portable Solar Panel & Charger for Camping & Backpacking Outdoor Zone
Best 7 Solar panels that provide green energy to keep your devices up & running in outdoors.

The best portable chargers for 2020
If you use your phone a lot throughout the day, charging it at night might not be sufficient. Using your phone with a low battery isn’t optimal since it can impact performance. There are different options to explore to ensure that you always have a full charge.

We recommend investing in a portable charger so that you can charge your phone on the go. Emergency chargers and power banks are convenient options to explore to ensure that your phone always has a full charge.


Should you be buying a second-hand smartphone?

Last year, around 137 million used smartphones were sold in the US and Europe, according to Counterpoint Research.
Read more:

Programmer life | Programming Language | Free HD videos – no copyright
In this video you can watch video of different kinds of programmers.This video is free to use you can use this video for your project or commercial purpose but you can’t sell this footage. You don’t need to ask for any permission to use this footage. Kindly give us credit and mention our channel link/Name & Don’t forget to share our videos because sharing is caring. stay tuned for more. Thank You.
50 Gadgets Under $50 Jonathan Morrison

What’s in my Tech Bag! Marques Brownlee
The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List | 81 Items For Minimalist Carry On TravelThe ultimate packing list for traveling the world as a digital nomad. From clothes to tech to toiletries and more, here’s our list of 81 items for minimalist carry on travel. View the full list on our website:…
Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List | Clothing & Toiletries For Minimalist Carry On TravelIn this video, we’re excited to share the women’s focused clothing & toiletries for our digital nomad packing list with you. View the full list (including all of the unisex items) on our website:…
Pack Hacker Here are our 10 tips on how to pack better for your travels. Whether you’re off on a weekend trip or heading out for a year of perpetual travel, these tips will keep your pack organized and efficient. Sponsored by Only What Matters:

Android (operating system) From Wikipedia,

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android is developed by a consortium of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance and commercially sponsored by Google. It was unveiled in November 2007, with the first commercial Android device launched in September 2008.

Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2017, it has over two billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system, and as of August 2020, the Google Play Store features over 3 million apps. The current stable version is Android 10, released on September 3, 2019, and it’s the most popular Android version.
Applications : Many, to al­most all, An­droid de­vices come with pre­in­stalled Google apps in­clud­ing Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and many more. Read more :

person holding a black Android smartphone
black and white candybar phones

Can Video Games Change the World? | Gaming in the Real World Spark
Can games change the world? With cities everywhere struggling to cope with the population growth that increased urbanisation brings, can video games be harnessed to help the residents, especially young people, take part in planning, and fixing their own cities? Today public spaces and entire cities are being designed, planned and played through the medium of games. The result of this “civic gamification” is that city architecture and urban planning is being democratized. Cities have become the ground zero for digital innovation and the debate about how our cities evolve has suddenly gone viral. We follow three game companies navigating the space where urban planning and gaming meet. Lydia Winters at the game developer Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, Paradox Interactive and the game Cities: Skylines and José Sanches and his indie game Block’hood. How will our cities look in 20-100 years time?


Web Development Full Course – 10 Hours | Learn Web Development from Scratch
? Full Stack Web Development Training:… This Edureka Web Development Full Course video will help you understand and learn Web Development in detail. This Web Development Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master Web Development technologies. Below are the topics covered in this Web Development tutorial for beginners video: 00:00 Introduction 1:46 HTML 2:03 What is HTML? 2:45 Structure of HTML 3:38 HTML Editors 4:21 Writing a HTML program 5:14 Doctype Declaration 6:30 Elements 15:40 HTML Forms 30:55 CSS 30:54 What is CSS? 31:59 CSS Syntax 32:32 CSS Selectors 33:54 CSS Box Model 34:31 CSS Units 1:34:26 JavaScript 1:35:01 What is Javascript? 1:36:46 JavaScript Stats 1:37:34 What can JavaScript do? 1:38:58 JavaScript Framework 1:41:44 Top Websites Built Using JavaScript 1:42:10 Benefits of JavaScript 1:44:21 JavaScript Fundamentals 1:51:23 JavaScript Variables 1:52:59 JavaScript Constants 1:52:58 JavaScript Data Types 2:03:31 JavaScript Objects 2:09:30 JavaScript Functions 2:12:38 JavaScript Conditional Statements 2:18:35 JavaScript Loops 2:27:36 JavaScript Switch Case 2:30:34 jQuery 2:34:21 Why use jQuery? 2:36:51 Getting started with jQuery 2:39:31 DOM 2:40:19 jQuery Selectors 2:47:58 jQuery Methods 3:20:58 jQuery Effects 3:36:46 jQuery UI 3:45:25 Angular 3:51:56 What is Angular? 3:56:44 Single Page Application 3:58:31 Angular 8: What’s new? 4:02:03 Angular Project Setup 4:06:16 Writing the Angular First App 4:21:32 What is Typescript? 4:22:59 Integrating Ext CSS 4:32:53 Angular Components 4:55:38 Data Binding 5:06:51 Event Binding 5:25:20 Using Built-in Directives 5:44:37 React.js 5:45:57 Why ReactJs? 5:50:14 Introduction to ReactJS 5:53:39 Advantages of ReactJS 5:54:10 ReactJS Installation 5:59:37 RasctJS Fundamentals 6:00:17 JSX 6:04:30 React Components 6:09:12 React Props 6:11:49 React States 6:16:54 React Lifecycle 6:22:34 React Events 6:31:06 React Refs 6:38:47 React Keys 6:39:48 React Routers 6:52:14 Node.js 6:53:24 What is Node.js? 6:54:43 Features of Node.js 6:55:34 Node.js Architecture 6:57:27 NPM 6:58:58 Node.js Modules 7:01:04 JSON File 7:06:00 Node.js basics 7:08:12 Node.js Operators 7:10:21 Node.js Functions 7:11:42 Node.js Objects 7:12:34 Node.js File System 7:16:21 Node.js Events 7:27:11 Node.js HTTP Module 7:28:14 Express.JS 7:29:29 Node.js Demo 7:41:13 MEAN Stack Application 7:44:51 CRUD Operations 7:44:56 RESTful API 7:45:39 Contact List MEAN App 9:00:49 MERN Stack Applications 9:03:15 MERN CRUD 9:04:02 MERN Application To-Do List App 10:05:10 How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer?
Top 10 Programming Languages In 2020 | Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2020 |
? Edureka Online Training on Trending Programming Languages: This Edureka video on “Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020” will introduce you to the most trending programming languages which you must learn to succeed in 2020. These programming languages are predicted to create a market shift and open up a huge number of job opportunities in 2020. Let us know your list of Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020 in the comment section below.
Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020 | Trending Technologies In 2020 | Top IT Technologies | Edureka Online Courses on Trending Technologies: This Edureka video on “Top 10 Technologies in 2020” video will introduce you to all the popular and trending technologies in the market which you should focus to learn in 2020. These are the trending technologies that you need to learn in order to make a good career in the year 2020. Let us know your list of Top 10 Trending technologies in 2020 in the comment section below.

Top 10 Certifications For 2020 | High Paying IT Certifications | Best IT Certifications |

? Get Edureka Certified in Trending Technologies: In this highly competitive IT industry, acquiring a globally-recognized professional certification is the best way to not only learn a technology/tool, but to also back it up with authoritative validation. So, we at Edureka have prepared a list of “Top 10 Certifications for 2020” that will help you to boost your career and have a good salary hike. These are the Best IT Certifications for 2020 which help you in getting into High Paying IT jobs with ease. ?Edureka DevOps Certification: ?Edureka Cloud Certification: ?Edureka Big Data Certification: ?Edureka Project Management Certification: ?Edureka AI & ML Certification: ?Edureka CyberSecurity Certification: ?Edureka BI Certification: ?Edureka Data Science Certification: ?Edureka Web Development Certification: ?Edureka Programming Certification: ?Edureka Blockchain Certification:

Artificial Intelligence Full Course | Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners |
? Machine Learning Engineer Masters Program:… This Edureka video on “Artificial Intelligence” will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Artificial Intelligence concepts with hands-on examples. Following topics are covered in this video: 00:00 Introduction 02:27 History Of AI 06:45 Demand For AI 08:46 What Is Artificial Intelligence? 09:50 AI Applications 16:49 Types Of AI 20:24 Programming Languages For AI 27:12 Introduction To Machine Learning 28:08 Need For Machine Learning 31:48 What Is Machine Learning? 34:13 Machine Learning Definitions 37:26 Machine Learning Process 49:13 Types Of Machine Learning 49:21 Supervised Learning 52:00 Unsupervised Learning 53:44 Reinforcement Learning 55:29 Supervised vs Unsupervised vs Reinforcement Learning 58:23 Types Of Problems Solved Using Machine Learning 1:04:49 Supervised Learning Algorithms 1:05:17 Linear Regression 1:11:20 Linear Regression Demo 1:26:36 Logistic Regression 1:35:36 Decision Tree 1:55:18 Random Forest 2:07:31 Naive Bayes 2:14:37 K Nearest Neighbour (KNN) 2:20:31 Support Vector Machine (SVM) 2:26:40 Demo (Classification Algorithms) 2:42:36 Unsupervised Learning Algorithms 2:42:45 K-means Clustering 2:50:49 Demo (Unsupervised Learning) 2:56:40 Reinforcement Learning 3:24:36 Demo (Reinforcement Learning) 3:31:41 AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning 3:33:08 Limitations Of Machine Learning 3:36:32 Introduction To Deep Learning 3:38:36 How Deep Learning Works? 3:40:48 What Is Deep Learning? 3:41:50 Deep Learning Use Case 3:43:14 Single Layer Perceptron 3:50:56 Multi Layer Perceptron (ANN) 3:52:55 Backpropagation 3:54:39 Training A Neural Network 4:01:02 Limitations Of Feed Forward Network 4:03:18 Recurrent Neural Networks 4:05:36 Convolutional Neural Networks 4:09:00 Demo (Deep Learning) 4:29:02 Natural Language Processing 4:30:53 What Is Text Mining? 4:32:43 What Is NLP? 4:33:26 Applications Of NLP 4:35:53 Terminologies In NLP 4:41:19 NLP Demo 4:47:21 Machine Learning Masters Program

AWS Tutorial For Beginners | AWS Full Course – Learn AWS In 10 Hours | AWS Training | 
** Edureka AWS Certification Training (Use Code: YOUTUBE20) –… ** This Edureka video on “AWS Full Course” is a complete AWS Tutorial for beginners who want to learn AWS from scratch with examples and Hands-on. This AWS tutorial will help you learn various AWS services like AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS VPC, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudFront, AWS CloudWatch and more. After watching this video you have skills of an AWS Solution Architect and you will clear AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification in one go. Below is the timestamp of this AWS Tutorial for Beginners: 00:00 Agenda 02:06 Introduction to Cloud Computing 02:11 Why Cloud? 02:21 Before Cloud Computing 07:11 What is Cloud Computing? 07:51 Service Models 12:01 Deployment Model 13:36 Cloud Providers 16:56 Introduction to AWS 18:11 Use-Cases 19:31 Advantages of AWS 22:31 AWS Architecture 25:01 Domains of AWS 34:36 Compute Services 35:13 What is an Instance? 38:46 What is EC2? 46:26 Types of Instances 45:31 Instance Pricing Models 54:16 Use Case 01:10:16 AWS Lambda 01:13:31 AWS Compute Domains 01:15:06 Why AWS Lambda? 01:16:46 AWS SDKs 01:17:41 Using AWS Lambda with Eclipse 01:18:51 Demo 01:41:20 AWS Elastic Beanstalk 1:42:00 What is AWS Elastic Beanstalk? 1:44:25 PaaS 1:47:35 Web Hosting Platforms 1:48:30 Features of Elastic Beanstalk 1:49:50 Fundamentals of Elastic Beanstalk 1:53:50 Architecture of Elastic Beanstalk 2:00:25 Demo: How to Deploy An Application Using Beanstalk 2:12:30 Storage Service 2:13:05 What is Cloud Storage? 2:29:50 Cloud Storage Practices 2:35:25 Cloud Storage Service Providers 3:09:50 S3 Tutorial For Beginners 3:13:40 Buckets & Objects 3:22:40 Versioning & Cross Region Replication 3:32:55 S3 Transfer Acceleration 3:40:26 Use Case: IMDB Media 3:43:41 Demo: AWS S3 Complete Walkthrough 3:44:51 Networking Services 3:48:16 AWS CloudFront 3:53:26 How AWS CloudFront Delivers Content? 3:56:11 Applications 3:58:21 Demo: AWS CloudFront Distribution 4:07:06 Monitoring & Management 4:07:11 AWS CloudWatch 4:07:46 Need For Cloud-Based Monitoring 4:11:21 What is Amazon CloudWatch? 4:13:31 Amazon CloudWatch 4:16:41 Amazon CloudWatch Demo 4:21:01 Amazon CloudWatch Event 4:24:46 Amazon CloudWatch Event Demo 4:32:56 Amazon CloudWatch Logs 4:36:46 AWS CloudFormation 4:40:11 Get started in AWS CloudFormation 4:56:21 Autoscaling & Load Balancer 4:57:36 Snapshots & AMIs 5:00:06 Why Auto Scaling? 5:03:46 Why Auto Scaling? 5:17:51 What is the Load Balancer? 5:19:01 Types of Load Balancers 5:22:06 Hands-On 5:34:51 Cloud Security 5:35:41 Why Cloud Security? 5:37:31 Public, Private or Hybrid? 5:40:56 How Secure Should you make your application? 5:42:56 How to Troubleshoot a Threat in the Cloud? 5:43:56 How did they come to know? 5:45:26 Cloud Security in AWS 5:59:29 AWS IAM 6:01:34 What is IAM? 6:26:59 Multi-Factor Authentication 6:33:29 Hands-On 6:46:04 Amazon Redshift 6:58:29 Demo – Setting Up A Warehouse 7:14:04 DevOps on AWS 7:14:14 AWS DevOps Services 7:19:54 What is Continuous Integration & Delivery? 7:23:44 What Is CodePipeline? 7:25:39 CodePipeline Architecture 7:28:49 Code Deploy, Code Build & Code Commit 7:30:59 Demo – Deploying An Application Using AWS CodePipeline 7:42:49 AWS Interview Question 7:46:44 EC2 Questions 8:17:29 Amazon Storage 8:27:34 AWS VPC 8:36:44 Amazon Database 9:00:29 Cloud Engineer Jobs, Salary, Skills, Responsibilities & Resume 9:01:04 Cloud Engineer Job & Salary Trends 9:11:14 Cloud Engineer Job Skills & Description 9:22:34 Cloud Engineer Resume 9:26:24 Cloud Master Course At Edureka

TOP 10 BEST CODING GAMES TO LEARN HOW TO CODE… Whether you’re learning to code or practicing the skills you’ve already learned, coding games offer a fun and challenging way to level up your programming skills. In this video, I will share with you more than 10 of my personal favorites to learn how to code. These will be a combination of websites and software for all ages that will help to teach you programming while playing video games.


You’ve got a new site: huzzah! Whether you’re a WordPress beginner who wants to become a pro, or just need to learn the basics, you’ve come to the right place.  
To learn how to make posts, pages, do basic customization, and broadcast your posts on social media, go through this site section by section.

Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Website in 2020 – Step by Step Guide (Free) by Editorial Staff
Are you looking to make a website? Starting a website can be a terrifying thought specially when you’re not techy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Having helped over 130,000+ people make a website with WordPress, we have decided to create the most comprehensive step by step guide on how to a make a website without learning how to code.

How to Make a Website in 2020 (Step by Step) – WordPress Tutorials

Looking to make your website in 2020? With the new year, many people are looking to create their own website. Having helped 130,000+ people make a website with WordPress, we have decided to create the most comprehensive step by step guide on how to make a website without learning how to code. this video we will walk you through how to make a website (step by step): – Purchase hosting – Selecting what additions you need for hosting – Installing WordPress – Removing unnecessary plugins – Selecting the design of your site – Creating a page – Setting up your menu – Customizing your theme’s styling – Setting up your home and/or posts pages – Installing plugins All to help you get you and running with your own WordPress site. Checkout the written version of this tutorial:


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